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There has been a lot of doodling going on on my notepad. With all these meetings at work all day, I can't prevent it. I am the facilitator and/or scribe at these meetings and we have about 12 presenters throughout the day, so these are really long meetings, sometimes without any breaks, because everyone is on a roll.
There is a study which states that doodling helps you to pay attention. And that is really the case with me, too. I do not know what I am drawing on my pad as I am listening to the presenter. Usually when they pause or there is a break I actually see my artwork and admire the geometry. Triangles, rectangles sometimes connected, sometimes stacked on top of another. These are from Wednesday's meeting.(wasn't able to download the file, so this is not my drawing) Long Business Review.....
I have had this habit of doodling since elementary school. Of course the teachers would catch me and think that I was not paying any attention in class (which I actually wasn't most of the time) and as I have always been a very quiet person, there never was much participation in class from my part, I was at the bottom of their list. That sure made my grades suffer, I guess the verbal activity was counted as 50% of your grade and mine was like Zero.... Now we are getting into a totally different topic, of why I did not speak up, sometimes even if was called up front, which I now (45 years later) know was due to a very strong shyness and anxiety. I guess nobody ever thought of that.
Anyway, back to doodling, one of my favorite past times really, maybe even more so than knitting. I have mentioned my obsession with notebooks and pens. I carry ten pens in my purse and always a notebook (Moleskines) with me. It takes a very long time before I even start writing in the notebooks because I don't want to start on a new page, but we had that discussion before. Anyway, my doodling can turn out nicely every now and then. I have collected a few and laminated them, using them as bookmarks.
Oh and check out this doodling website.

Knitting has a similar effect on me. I can knit and listen to a conversation, music or TV at the same time. It relaxes me and if it is not a too complicated pattern, I am surprised to find myself 3 inches further along without paying much attention to how I got there. This is my way of meditating.

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