Wearing my T-Twist

Going back to work is not fun. I am so ready to retire, if I only could. Where is that lottery ticket?
Today I am proudly wearing my T-twist Tee and I like it. It was fun and easy to knit. I had to redo the part from the waist up twice and make some changes (as already described in a previous post) and the end results are very satisfactory. The yarn is Elann Pasticcio and I think it was perfect for this project. I used up 7 skeins and was happy with it until the last skein which had two knots close to the end. That was not so cool.

On my trip I had taken along the long scarf and I had started the Sunday Swing socks in advance. I had time to knit on both. The pattern of the socks is easy to follow, I have so far just finished one repeat. But I did lose track of the beginning stitch and as I usually do not use stitch markers I did not have any markers with me, not even any scrap yarn that I could knot into a loop. I searched through my purse, because I carry a lot of crap with me at all times, except on this trip because I wanted to travel light and I had cleaned up the bag that I usually drag to work with me. I did not spot anything usable in the hotel room until I saw the coffee pot and condiment basket on the mini fridge. I took one of these red plastic coffee stirrer straws and cut a short piece off and it fit perfectly on my 2.5mm dpn. Just have to be creative, right? It must have been the influence of the Sedona Vortexes that made me do it.

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  1. The tee looks super , I really like the colour !

    Glad that you had a good trip , maybe the next ticket will be a winner .