Three time's a charm

As I mentioned this morning, I feel special with my Wabenschal on my shoulders. Getting compliments from my co-workers who had seen me knit it during lunch breaks and others just admiring it in silence. The pattern and the yarn just go great together. I have to find another perfect match to knit soon again.

Currently I am struggling with my T-twist Tee. So after I added more length to the body I had finished it up to the bind-off row. Then I put all stitches onto some waste yarn and tried it on again. Ok, this time it felt as if the underarm part is going to be too tight. I am supposed to take the live stitches from the sleeves and from the body part and bind-off with a 3-needle bind-off. But it already feels as if I should have knitted this whole thing one size larger (and I need to admit that it felt tight already the first time I got this far along, but I tried to ignore that part and concentrated only on the body length).
Oh well, so back to the drawing board, I unraveled it back again to the waistline and I will keep the size as it is, because it fits well in that area. To get here I had decreased by 16 stitches and now I will increase by a few stitches again to widen the area under the arms. At least by 8 stitches. This will give me 4 additional stitches on each side for the side opening. Of course I would have to cast-on the sleeves again and add 4 stitches there as well. No problem, I will try again. As this is a fast knit, it does not bother me that I am redoing it for the third time. I hope I get it right this time.
I just have the feeling that I should stick to knitting shawls.

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