Salt & Bread

I have been pretty productive all weekend. Besides the usual chores that never get done during the week, I decided to bake some bread. Judith Ryan Hendricks' Bread Alone: A Novel which I enjoyed reading, just made me want to bake something. Actually, I dreamt all Friday night about baking bread and so I started the 'Pain de Campagne' from the book on Saturday morning. It took me all day to get two baguettes (shaped into horseshoes because I could not fit them on my cookie sheet) out of the oven and to proudly take along to a friend's house where I had signed up to the bread and cheese tray. Everything went well and I followed the instructions step by step, but when all was done, I suddenly realized I had forgotten to add salt... the bread was great, wonderful crust, fluffy inside, but bland. And of course, I had to listen to comments like, 'you can't take that bread to the dinner' or 'so do you want to buy a new loaf?' and so on, but I did not give in and selected some nice cheeses, Gorgonzola, Goat's cheese with herbs, Pepper Jack and a garlicky Boursin at Trader Joe's and we set off to our friend's house. The cheese platter was gladly set on the table and everyone enjoyed the bread to its last crumbs. Yeah!
Next I will try the scones featured in the book, too. Oh, and I know that I will bake this bread again, this time with a dash of salt and maybe in a round form.

I also worked on the T-twist Tee again. I added 6 increase stitches evenly on either side of the body and also 6 stitches each to the sleeve cast-on. I will hopefully get to the bind-off row this week and look forward to trying it on and triumphing....

After this I will start a scarf or shawl again, that's what satisfies me the most.

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