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Did I mention that I have an iPod Touch. Yes I did, but I just want to say it again. Fun toy. It's not so much that I listen to music a lot, but having the podcasts really makes my commute enjoyable.
I am still looking for more podcasts even though I am way behind in listening to all the episodes I have already downloaded. For now my favorites are:

The Knitmore Girls
New Yorker: Fiction
Deutsche Welle: Inside Europe

I have not listened to these yet:
Sticks & Strings
Here's to Ewe

What are you listening to?

The other cool thing is that I can use it like the Kindle. I have downloaded a book from Amazon (after I added the Kindle app for iPod) and now whenever I forget my regular book that I usually read at lunchtime, I have a book to read with me anyway. The Kindle App for iPod is very easy to use and also easy on the eyes. It automatically syncs with your Amazon purchase and you can list the books either by Author or Title. While reading you have the option of changing the font size or color and adding bookmarks. The screen is backlit so I can read in the dark.

eReader is a second electronic book app by Barnes & Nobles. This application has more features and I have yet to discover them. I have downloaded a free book through manybooks.net to check it out. The price for e-books is higher here (B&N vs Amazon). In both cases I chose a book with short stories. The Amazon choice is Stephen King's 'Just After Sunset' ($7.99). It was on my shopping list and I thought that is the perfect e-book. 'Ghost Rider' by Johnathan Lowe was the free choice on e-reader, also a collection of Short Stories. So, reading a story at a time, is the perfect way to go with such a small screen. Loving it.
What kind of apps have you downloaded on your iPhone or iPod?

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  1. My nine-year-old has an I-pod Touch and it is unbelievable. It's like something out of Star Trek, only they never had anything that cool. I am astounded on a daily basis that such a thing could exist. He is able to watch HD movies, play video games, and listen to music, all with one card. Amazing.