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It rained last night. The first rain after such a long dry spell. The sound woke me up and I lay there in bed guessing what that sound could be. As if someone was pounding on a tin roof. I got up and looked out the window which was open and I could smell the dampness and the wet earthy smell through the screen. It reminded me of the times in my childhood neighborhood when the maids of the adjacent houses would come out to the front door in the late summer afternoons and empty a bowl of water in swooshing way, so that the water sprayed in a large circle around them on the dusty asphalt pavement. They then took their little brooms, you know the ones with the natural fibers, corn brooms (like a witch's broom) and they swept the wet dust away. That is the smell, the smell of wet dust, that I took in last night and that reminded me of the hot summer afternoons in front of our house (we did not have a maid to do that, and I think we were the only ones who would not sweep with water but sweep the dry dust and let it fly all over - now the water makes sense. ha ha)
The drops were large and hitting the gutters which probably made that metallic sound that woke me up. I was too tired, but I should have gone out onto the patio to enjoy the rain and the fresh air. It was beautiful this morning, blue sky and the sun was shining and the air clean and fresh.

I started reading a new book today by Michael Ondaatje Divisadero, already very promising, too bad my lunch break is only 1 hour, I could have gone on reading.

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