Healing Wishes

First of all I am sending out healing wishes to my highschool friend Gigi of The Knitmore Girls. She is in the hospital as I am typing going through surgery. Get well soon, so I can follow your "Mother Knows Best" section in your podcasts. Love you!....

Also, 'get well' wishes go out to other friends who have been hit by the flu, had to take care of ailing parents or spouses or are recovering from other illnesses themselves. Hope all of you are back on your feet soon again.

So I finished my T-twist Tee over the weekend, washed and blocked it and ironed the middle decrease in front and back to keep it flat. It turned out great.

T-Twist Tee
by Jennifer James Farrell
Yarn:Elann Pasticcio
651 yards (7 skeins)
4.5 mm circular needles
September 7 - October 18, 2009

My changes and mistakes:
I increased the length of the body by 3 inches. After the waist shaping, decreasing 16 stitches, I knit 10 rows and increased again at the same spots by 12 stitches (6 on each side) to enlarge the armhole area which was too tight after I tried it on the first time. It worked out perfectly.
The mistake I made was at the 3needle bind-off under the sleeves where I did not place the stitches right side on right side. I don't know what I was thinking, but now there is a slightly visible seam, which does not bother me, or let's say, I am too lazy to change it. It is barely visible anyway and it is under the arm. I still have not worn it to show it off, maybe tonight.

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