Coronado Island

So for our third hike, this time my walking friends and I visited Coronado Island. We met early at 8.15 am at the Coronado Ferry Landing. Which is really early for me on a weekend, actually I got up earlier than I do for work. The drive to Coronado was a breeze and only took about 40 minutes. The early morning fog had not melted away yet and the bridge was still covered by the clouds when we crossed over. From the Ferry Landing, you can take a great bike trip around the island. We decided however, to set off on foot (the bike rental place did not open until 10am, so that is planned for another time). The path takes you along the Glorietta Bay Park (great for families with its large playground area), passes under the bridge, then you walk along side the golf course and into the residential area. Following the sidewalks through the small streets you are distracted by the beautiful houses and gardens. (of course it made us buy a lottery ticket later on) We were walking, talking and admiring, so I do not know how long it took us before we saw the Hotel Del Coronado right in front of us. Of course, we had to go inside and admire the wood paneled lobby (and use the restrooms). Breakfast is supposed to be around $40, on a beautiful outside terrace. With view of the ocean. But too expensive for us. We did linger a while and enjoyed the ocean breeze. The sun was shining and the weather was great. And we were all thinking how lucky we were to live in San Diego and be able to visit this place as often as we wanted to.
We walked back through downtown and took a break to have breakfast at a bakery. The main road ended at the Ferry Landing, facing the San Diego Skyline, a wonderful view. What a great way to spend a Saturday morning.


  1. Great pictures!

    My husband and I got married at the Hotel Del. We often take the kids biking on Coronado. If you are so inclined, you can take your bike across on the ferry, which the kids think is just so cool. We like to take the ferry across, go for a ride, and have lunch before taking the ferry back. It's a fun day outside!

  2. I agree that the Hotel Del is the perfect destination for a wedding. And I am planning many more excursions to this wonderful island. The ferry is a very good idea. Thanks for your kind comments.