Anemone and Sedona

I like saying that word "anemone" both in German and in English. And aren't they pretty? I snapped this one with my phone camera during our beach walk this weekend. The coast was overcast and foggy in the middle of the day and it did not clear up at all. Actually, it got pretty dense and we could not see the buildings on the boardwalk or the boats on the water. We were just walking in a grey tunnel, but the water was warm and I love walking in the waves at low tide. That's how we spotted the anemone in the tide pools. Also these little mussels clinging to the rocks are pretty colorful. Shiny black and the smallest ones were turquoise, a pretty color combination for some yarn. Walking on, we found these rose petals on the sand, remnants of a morning wedding. I hope this couple's future will be full of sunshine despite the fog during their ceremony. I just love the beach in any kind of weather and living here, every weekend could be a vacation (if I did not have my regular household chores to do).

Speaking of vacation, we have finally planned a short one for this weekend, a long weekend that is, a short vacation. We are going to drive to Sedona, Arizona, spend time there and then venture on to the Grand Canyon. I have always wanted to see the natural beauty of the rock formations in Sedona and get the feeling of the energy centers, called Vortex around Sedona. I have a map that will take me to three major spiritual energy centers. There are many local art galeries, many local artists. The energy influences their creativity. I will take knitting and pen and paper with me too.

And now about the knitting. I have finished my top (more about that in a different post) and now my fingers just want to start a new project as fast as possible to take along on the trip. Whatever it is that I choose, I must have started at least three rows, it should not be a difficult design where I need to follow a chart row by row, but an easy, light carry-along project. And what would that be? Socks of course. I chose Sunday Swing featured on Knitty in Summer 2009. I chose the Schachenmayr nomotta Regia Color in blue. I have one full skein and one .75 and that should be sufficient for a pair. Will cast on and knit the ribbing so I have my stitches distributed on the dpns and can continue knitting in the car. Of course not when I am driving, which probably be most of the way as the husband is not too crazy about driving (and neither am I about his driving style he he).

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  1. Hope you enjoy your getaway ! My sister-in-law used to live in Arizona , never made it down for a visit :-( . She's in Florida now .

    Love your knitted tee , such abeautiful blue !