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I've had some time to catch up on the blogs that I like to read. It has been a while and so many things have happened to so many blogger friends. (I call them friends although we do not know each other, but we share our lives, so we are friends.)

One is working on her second book, another enjoying time with her new baby grandson. Others are getting ready for their vacation (envy) or are coming back with wonderful trip reports packed with pictures and stories. Celebrating blog anniversaries and wedding anniversaries, showing off their garden produce or their beautiful flowers. Recovering from surgery or taking care of their dachshund who is recovering from back surgery. Celebrating their last chemo and new hair growth. All such wonderful stories and I am happy for all of them and sending them all my best wishes.

Of course, I am still knitting, actually on three projects, just did not have the motivation to take any pictures. The narrow scarf that I am knitting with the Prism Saki yarn for my daughter is my carry-along project. I have it in my handbag and knit a row here and there, whenever I have a moment. The pattern is simple and fun to knit.
I dropped the second project into the basket. Front and back are done, now the sleeves are left and I actually started the first one and it just was not on my top priority list. This is the bubblegummy colored yarn which never was a favorite. If it is not fun to knit and I do not see myself wearing it, then the project is probably not the right one. But now that I have come this far, I will finish it eventually. The leftover yarn can be donated and should be.

The project that moved to the top of the list is also a top, a t-shirt, that I found on 2006. It's the T-twist Tee and I liked right away. It is knit in the round and I am using Elann/Pasticcio yarn, perfect gauge, so it should work out. I need to knit about another 15cm then I want to put those 190+ stitches on a wasteyarn and try it on, just to see if the bottom part is not too wide or too tight, check out the waist decreases if they are placed right or maybe I need more, because of my perfect figure (yeah, right).... It's a fun knit, but a bit stressful on my wrists. Stockinette all the way, in the round and it is cotton yarn. That's why I can't work on it too long, but I can knit without looking at it. I like the yarn. It looks much thicker when knitted. It would be perfect for a cardigan or a triangular shawl without much lace. My 10 skeins are going to be enough for the short-sleeved t-shirt. This is my weekend project, let's see how far I will get.

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