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What a nice and lazy weekend I spent. I think I left the house only to walk the dogs. The rest of the time, I was cooking, knitting, 'gardening' on my patio and catching up on taped TV. 'House' was great and I also liked the new series "The Good Wife".

I thought I would be finishing my T-twist Tee this weekend. I was making progress at a rather fast pace. The design of this top is great. You knit in the round until you reach the sleeve part, you place 10 stitches on either side of the shirt on hold, then you cast-on and knit the first few rows of each sleeve separately and after picking up the body again, you just knit the sleeves into the round and begin with the raglan decrease. Sounds complicated but is so easy.... I got this far. Made about 10x decreases and then placed all stitches onto waste yarn to try this top on. I wanted to see if the neck-line is too low or right or if it needed more decreases. But I noticed that the body was too short. I measured the suggested 12.5 inches on myself and it seemed fine, but when I wore it it did not look long enough. So going back and forth and after asking for other opinions (one actually, from someone who barely could open his eyes from a nap on the couch) I decided to unravel the whole top back to under the sleeves. Returning to the body I knit an additional 2 inches (or around 5cm). Now I feel much better. This will be a great short-sleeved shirt. The top part fit perfectly and I am sure that I will get that part done again in no time. No pictures as no one was awake enough to take them.
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