How my Blackberry saved my day...

... or how I did not get on the IT blacklist........ Something that you never want to happen, because you do need them. Like when you boss' laptop crashes and he has no patience to put in a helpdesk ticket.
My dilemma was my curiosity. "Oh, a new software that syncs Outlook with Google calendar. Oh and it's free". Well, I downloaded it, thought I was being really savvy and synced... Do you know that feeling where the blood rushes from your body, but your face flushes hot red. That's how it felt when I saw that all my Outlook calendar entries were gone. The pages were blank. And they were not synced to the Google calendar either. It was blank too. Now the big problem here is that I am the scheduler of most of the meetings here at the company and my invitations cannot be lost. (How can a change them for the umpteenth time then?) So I had to drag myself to the IT Dept and ask them for help. They just rolled their eyes, "something to do with Google calendar?"
Em, yeah, I was trying out a sync-tool (not the Google calender sync tool, though, another third party software). Well, then they would have to back-up the whole system and that might take a few hours, but they were very nice about it. I went back to my desk and checked my cell phone, then it dawned on me, hey I backed up my Blackberry last night. It still shows all items on the calendar.... I called my IT friend and told him that I could sync with my BB and he came right over to make sure I did not screw this one up. And Voila, I am back, restored and happy. I am so savvy....

Note: the third party sync software is not to blame. I have screwed up the settings and to prevent this from happening again I have uninstalled it. Let others be happy with it. Why do I want to sync to Google anyway? I have my Blackberry, right?

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  1. Oh, that actually made me sweat. I'm so glad you recovered!