Swimming, literally

I've been swimming twice a week with a co-worker. Our company is currently negotiating a good corporate rate and until then we are able to use the fitness facility for free. So we decided to try out the lap-pool. We are both not very fond of gyms but do want to exercise and swimming seems to be a good option. I don't feel like it every time and have to push myself to go, but when I am in the water it is fun. This is my cap. Gotta protect our hair from all the chemicals. Isn't it a hoot? I love it. We found this link for vintage bathingcaps. Browse around, you will enjoy. It reminds me of my mother in the 70s. She had the most colorful caps with lots of flowers and embellishments, each matching her very colorful bathing-suits. It's the little things that make me smile.

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