Scary Night

I had a traumatic experience a few nights ago. I took our two dogs out around 9pm, because one of them had to go. Both were on a leash and when we headed back towards our apartment I saw our upstairs neighbor's pitbull charge at us at an incredible speed. I was so shocked that the only thing I did was scream. She "Olga" got a hold of our spaniel-mix Cooper on the left side of his face and I thought that this was the end. I was just screaming and could not even think. The owner was right behind her and threw himself on both dogs and tried to get his pitbull off of Cooper. Our little one, the Chihuahua mix, had gotten out of his collar (I had not put him on his harness, because this was a short "stop-at-the-first-tree" kind of walk) and he was running around us in a large circle barking. Finally the owner got "Olga" off of Cooper and I ran inside with my dogs. My husband finally had heard me yelling and was outside talking to the neighbor. I wiped Coopers slobbered face and the paper towel was bloody. I could not find the wound and he seemed to be ok, because he went straight for his food bowl and water, as if he was afraid that Olga was after that. There were no blood drops anywhere but the towel showed there was a wound somewhere. Finally we found a large hole under his left chin. It was the size of my little finger, open and deep.
We packed up Cooper and drove to the emergency vet in Poway. They were so nice and helpful and the vet was patient and explained everything that needed to be done in detail. I was surprised that the cost was less than I expected. The bill will be paid by our neighbor who is probably very grateful that we have not reported this incident. Cooper has had his first face lift, with 5 staples under his chin.
We were very lucky that the bite did not hit his vein. And that Olga did not attack the little one, who would have been gone in a second. I do not even want to think about it.
The owner has apologized many times and checked on Cooper over the weekend. Olga has always been a very sweet dog, well behaved when we meet her and friendly to us people. We don't know what triggered the attack. Apparently he had just unleashed her after a walk and she turned around from their front door to run towards us. Now we check twice before we leave for a walk. That was really scary.

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  1. Wow, that's awful! I'm glad Cooper is okay, and that the neighbor is paying the bill.