Dog Hair

I have finished the Hedgerow Socks. The pattern is great and so easy to follow. This would be a great first time sock-knitting pattern.
It was actually funny when I took my finished projects, the socks and the Wabenschal, to work to show my two co-workers who are learning to knit. The shawl, a wonderful dark blue color variation was spotted with light dog hair and the yellow socks knitted with black dog hair. Maybe I should have been embarrassed. I had not seen this at home, but in the sunlight outside you could see the dog hair without a doubt.
This reminded me of the blog by Claudia called "Knitting Without Dog Hair is not an Option". She has a wonderful knitting blog and also two beautiful dogs.
Anyway, so these two projects are not very presentable to the public, but they are so dear to me.
Just like these two rascals are. Pictures were taken last Sunday at dogbeach in Ocean Beach.

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