What am I working on?
I was rummaging under the bed and found a bag with an old project that I never really liked. The yarn (kind of a cotton ribbon yarn) is also not my favorite, mainly the color is too pink and bubblegummy for me. It was purchased in Germany from the Junghans Wolle catalog and I guess it was around 1997.
So, I unraveled the whole thing (picture of old project) just to start a new project. This one is fun to knit, and hopefully could be done fast. I have a friend who really likes pink and her birthday is coming up, but I would not have it ready by then. Too bad, thought to late about it, maybe as a Christmas present. The pattern is from an old Sabrina magazine from 2004. I like the top and it works great with the yarn. The gauge was on the spot.

I have also started a long narrow scarf for my daughter. I am using one skein of the Prism Saki yarn and I love the color, it is called Yosemite and it shows all fall colors patched with blues. The pattern is modified from Eunny Jang's Lacy Sachet (Interweave Knits Summer 2009) which is knit in the round. I just modified it to row knitting. A very nice in between knit, kind of mindless and great for watching TV. I hope I get it to a length that will be accepted by winter time. No pressure from daughter...

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