August is over?

Time just flies, doesn't it. Today is August 31st and I do not know where the month of August has gone. I look forward to the fall, because that is my favorite season, but the summer is not over yet here. Temperatures are in the 100s these days and it is hot. My flowers are not taking it too well, especially my fuchsia which is planted in a box and since the gardeners have cut back and trimmed the palm trees in our complex, there is not much shade in the afternoon on the patio. It is also not much fun to cook or bake, so trying to keep it simple in the kitchen. Of course, the simple dishes that I come up with are some kind of casseroles that have to be baked for 20min. And then I suddenly have the urge to bake a cake or even a bread. My timing never seems right.

I have knitted a few swatches last night to show my knitting student here at work who has difficulty getting the difference between 'knit' and 'purl'. Besides having a hard time to learn the purl stitch, she also has a hard time to recognize the stitches. I am not giving up, neither is she. And being 'left-handed' is not the reason, trust me.
The swatches remind me of school. I think it was in 7th grade with Mrs. Nurbakhsh who taught us how to knit in our craft class. The boys were working on wood, I think. We had to knit different swatches, showing different patterns and neatly paste them into a binder and labeling them. The final project was a baby or doll hat. How nice to remember some fun classes in school.

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