Who is to blame?

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Yeah, still no knitting content. Projects are moving slowly. I am about to finish the "Wabenschal" maybe approx. 10 pattern repeats left. Also I have cast-on the second Hedgerow sock. I can only blame myself for being lazy. It is not the summer that is preventing me from picking up my needles. Actually it is rather cool in the late afternoons and evenings, so perfect for knitting. I am just too tired to do anything after dinner. I can't wait to get settled on the sofa with all my favorite things around me. Usually two dogs on either side, a book that I like, the remote, a glass of wine, and my knitting bag. Then I just sit there. Pat the dogs and watch some unsatisfactory TV. Unless we have a Netflix, but we mostly are too tired to watch a whole movie. Last one which is recommendable was "Persepolis". Animated, in French with subtitles, about a girl who grew up in Iran during the revolution in the 70s and immigrates to France on her own. The story is close to home and I can so identify with it. It is a great story and a great movie.

Well, I am almost off into the weekend. There is so much that has to be done at home, chores, you know, all of them ignored during the week and then hatefully half-assed done on Saturday. A never-ending cycle.

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