Wabenschal in blau

So finally, here is my Wabenschal. I am not a great photographer and I am not a good stager. I take the picture whenever I get a chance, wherever I get a chance. So, my background is not chosen carefully. It just depends on where I am standing at that moment. Actually, I figured this out just now that I see the pictures. Maybe I should go outside the next time to avoid displaying a messy closet behind me. Of course if my helper is willing to get off her chair and interrupt her Facebook updates for a moment. But that would be asking too much.

Last weekend I blocked the shawl after soaking it in lukewarm water. I wrung it out (not in the sense of really wringing it out, but gently squeezing it) and then rolled it in a dry towel to remove as much moisture as possible. I spread it on a mattress on two towels (because someone was having a fit that the mattress could get wet) and started to pin it down. Dogs were locked out of the room and all went well. It was a very hot weekend so the shawl dried very fast overnight. (see, no wet mattress). Before I put it away until winter, I will have a show and tell at work on Monday as I am teaching two co-workers how to knit and they have seen the progress and now want to see the end results.

My co-workers are both having a hard time with keeping their fingers un-cramped. Trying to figure out the tension and keeping it even is the most difficult thing to learn, it seems. I do not remember having that issue myself, well, it has been a very long time ago when I started, almost 40 years. also, both of them always end up with more stitches than they cast-on. I asked them to continue knitting, so I can see where they went wrong.

Weekend is near, glad this week is almost over.

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