Wabenschal finished

Finally making progress. I have started Part 3 of the Wabenschal, decreasing to the point. My question is will my yarn make it?
Sorry for the poor picture quality. I took these with my camera phone at lunch time. My fingers were just tingling to finish this shawl today and I took a much too long lunch break.

I did not know how best to calculate the amount of yarn you would need for the last part of the shawl. I have 7 honeycombs in a row, so six repeats of the pattern remain.
Maybe I could have knitted the beginning triangle, unraveled it and checked on how much yarn it used. Then I would have known how much I would need at the end. But lazy me, I just eyeballed it.

Will I have enough? Two honeycombs and one pattern repeat remaining.

Here is an interesting contest by Berroco whose yarn I really like.
Maybe I will participate.

It was hot yesterday. We probably were in the 94s and although we had planned on going to the beach, we kind of procrastinated the whole day long. I started cooking dinner around 7pm. I made stuffed zucchinis with chicken breast cubes (which I had panfried and spiced with store bought fajita mix). I added some chopped tomatoes and salsa and topped the whole thing with lots of cheese. Then baked it for 20 minutes. It was really good but the warm oven did not help us cooling down at all. We had to turn on the a/c.

I am done and I think I could have gone one more pattern repeat before decreasing to the triangle, I guess. But I am happy with the result and will leave it at that. This little ball of yarn will be a leftover, maybe put to use for a funny little Amigurumi pet. Like these lovebirds.

Now I need to figure out where to block the Wabenschal. I love the color and it will go great with a white top and jeans jacket in the wintertime here in SD. The pattern is lovely and easy. But I just had this thing with row 15 and 17. I just could not memorize it and constantly made mistakes in that row. Well, done now and it looks great.

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  1. Glad that you had enough yarn , it would be so terrible to run short after all that work . Looking forward to a model shot .

    Wishing I could get some of your hot weather , blow it up this way please ! I actually wore socks today ,love my socks but not in July !