My drawings

I love to draw. As long as I can remember I doodled, or drew geometric shapes in my notebooks at school and at home. I still do the same drawings during meetings. I never know what the result of my drawings will be as I do not plan them like I would my knitting project, they just happen, going along. My notebooks are always quad pages, because I just love the geometric shapes that I can create on them.
Here is an example of the ones I have in the back of my book which I created on engineering paper. I have two more to go in the middle of the page, and I currently am working on one of those squares. This is as much fun to me and as relaxing as knitting. Just as I could stash tons of yards of yarn, I could also stash quad notebooks. Unfortunately due to space and economic reasons I have stopped adding to both.
The paper quality is important. I do not want my pen to bleed into the paper but make a clear line. I also have a pen obsession. Yes, I think I carry about 25 pens and pencils in my handbag, which I lay out on my desk every morning and put back in my bag every evening when I leave the office. I would not like someone to 'borrow' a pen of mine. It could be my favorite one which is hard to find. For the pen people out there, my favorite pen currently is 'Pentel Energel 0.5' retractable and refillable. I probably have ten refills in my drawer, just in case they go out of stock. The Pilot VBall extra fine is also great for my drawings. I am using a purple one here on these drawings. I guess these could be great quilt designs. I have had a few ideas.

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