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Today I revisited my doctor to go over the blood test result from a few weeks ago. Here is what she said:
cut down on carbs - now I have another reason to really watch what I am eating. My Triglycerides was 189 (normal should be <150)
Cholesterol was ok though.
But she also told me that my Thyroid is not functioning normally, too low, which results in tiredness and weight gain (yesss, I knew there was another reason for me being so lazy).
Now I am on a thyroid hormone treatment. Let's see if that will bring back my energy.

On Sparkpeople I found out that I am a "Portion Distortioner". And it is so true, I do have the habit of getting a second helping although if I would wait a few minutes I would find out that I am already full. So actually I stuff myself. I do not eat snacks, chocolates, cookies or candy at all. I just eat too much for dinner. And I always look forward to the food.

The Portion Distortioner Personality

This person is a lifetime member of the Clean Plate Club. In fact, you may often continue to eat beyond the point where you're not even hungry anymore. A study by the American Institute for Cancer Research found that 67% of Americans eat everything on their plates regardless of size. You tend to feel deprived when eating smaller portions and, ironically, you sometimes overeat on "healthy" foods.

There is also a good chance you tend to eat out pretty often, and have noticed how restaurants and fast food joints have been up-sizing and biggie sizing your servings. Yet, even though you know portions have grown, you feel like you haven't eaten unless you are stuffed to the gills. Many of this type also use food as their sole source of weekend entertainment. It's what we call "Eat-for-tainment." Eating with friends and having fun is great, but if you are using food much more than other forms of entertainment (i.e. events that involve not sitting) it is something to be concerned about.

Good Tips for Portion Distortioners

* Eat slower! Most Portion Distortioners eat very quickly.
* Ask for a "to-go" box at the start of the meal and keep these single serving portions in mind:
o One pat of butter or margarine = a Scrabble tile
o Small potato or medium fruit = computer mouse
o 3 ounces of protein = cassette tape

Other personalities (resulting of this test) are:
The Emotional Eater, The Fast Fueler and The Carb and Calorie Crazed.
I guess I could fit into all the categories above.

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