Just a few pounds lighter....

I found a place to block the scarf. Teenie is out this weekend. She is going to Palm Springs with the girls. Hope they have a cool place to stay, with a pool, as it will be hot hot hot....
So I will use her bed. This way I can close the door, so the dogs don't get involved which they love to do. Anywhere you sit down, you will have two dogs fighting over your lap. It usually is the little one, Gino, who wins as he winds himself like a worm under and through your arms growling all the way just to get there first. Then he proudly sits on your lap and looks at Cooper as if to say, I win. Cooper is the gentle one, he gives in, although he does whimper about it and then he gives you that sad look, with droopy ears and eyes. I never have my camera handy at these moments.

Back to the Wabenschal. My plan for the weekend is to pin it to the mattress - which reminds me of the quote "go to the mattresses" apparently from the Godfather, but I do not remember it there, I do remember it from "You've Got Mail" a cute movie to watch when knitting. I probably know the script by heart, just like the "French Kiss", (or any movie with Meg Ryan) not that I am a big fan, but they do show them a lot on TV and when they are on, I just can't change the channel. Always love to see them again.

My mind is roaming a lot today.

Just talked to a friend who has signed up with Weight Watchers. I am happy for my friend showing determination. I was thinking about those $40 per month, if I would spend them on WW or any other diet program. Probably not, I would rather spend more on groceries. Fruit and Vegetables are not cheap nowadays. I look for sale items and drive to 3 stores if I have to for anything under $1.

Suddenly I remembered the web page "Sparkpeople" I had signed up on that page two years ago and actually after browsing through it again, I have found a lot of helpful tips, links and tools. e.g. you can track your daily nutrients. By plugging in the food items that I had today, I do not only count the calories, but also see how much calcium, potassium, sodium and fat I have been taking in. That is cool. I will try to stick to a plan with the help of Sparkpeople. Here is a link to my page.

Although I have a gym phobia, I also want to check out Curves which is located around the corner from my home. Maybe in a smaller environment I will not freak out. Motivated... I tell ya.

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  1. I've seen You've Got Mail and French Kiss about a thousand times. I have the same problem as you: if they're on, I can't turn them off.

    I've seen The Godfather even more. The line is: "Sonny's already thinking of going to the mattresses." It's after Don Corleone gets shot.