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Just as I had planned, I blocked the Wabenschal and it is gorgeous. I will have some pictures tomorrow.
Today at lunch I enjoyed 30 minute quiet time outside. It was 84 in the shade but I liked it. A nice warm breeze was blowing and it felt like summer. I knitted on my second Hedgerow sock while listening to some music. (I still crave a nice MP3 player. My Blackberry plays music but for me that is a phone and I want an I-pod touch) - (oh and I want a Kindle too. Just talked to a lady at the beach yesterday and she said that there is no glare in the sun, it is great to carry along and she could choose from any book to read. I want one!).
It did get a bit too warm to knit and I had to pause a few times, but I still enjoyed it very much.
What was I listening to? I shuffled and got Janis Joplin (Mercedes Benz - I like the way she pronouces Merceydeez), Credence Clearwater Revival (only good with John Fogerty), Die Prinzen (a German acapella group) and Andrea Bocelli (his first album is the best)
Anyway, a nice lunch break.

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