Walking in the drizzle.....

......was great. It was not too hot for a hike with three friends in Los Penasquitos Canyon. We started out at the recreation center on Black Mountain Road and took a look at the Adobe House that is still being maintained by a Ranger. Then we began our ~3mile walk towards the waterfall. Great scenery on our way, brooks , fallen trees,lots of Datura plants in bloom, which are so pretty, but also poisonous. We reached the waterfall and the one hour walk was very much worth it.
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I took these with my cameraphone and without glasses and I still think that they still turned out great. Next we want to hike from the West side of the canyon and add others to our list, like Torrey Pines (of course) - the great thing is that one of our friends, Eileen, is a docent at Torrey Pines State Park, so we can learn a lot from her (like the name datura for the white flower). Eileen also showed us a very interesting plant, the lemonade berry plant. I did not know that you can add the red fruits to water to make it taste like lemonade. We picked some of the red fruits and licked them cautiously, but hey, they really did taste like a sour lemon. All in all a great Saturday morning.
To top it off, my friend Renate, had brought me 2 skeins of Regia sock yarn in a blue. On Sunday I had to cast on for a short one-toe-sock that you can wear with flip-flops. This should be a fast project for my daughter.
Then even better, when I returned from our outing, I took a nice long shower, crashed on my bed and slept for two hours. That was a sweet sleep. Very refreshing.
Of course by the time I woke up it was 4pm but there was still half a day left to relax.
My afternoon project (actually I do not remember what we had for dinner on Saturday) was fun too. I am hooked on Picasa. I have sorted my pictures on one of the laptops into albums and uploaded them to the web. These I can share now with friends and family. I also have started writing captions and tagging people and places. That is so much fun. I love it. There is still a lot more to do. Note to self, sort and tag pictures right away.

The weekend was topped off by an unexpected visit of dear friends on Sunday afternoon, followed by some hot dogs on the grill, fun for all.
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  1. I love hiking in Penasquitos Canyon! My husband and I play hooky from work sometimes and go while the kids are in school.