Socklettes what I called the one-toe sock project on my Ravelry page. I finished one last night and they are so cute on her feet. Of course I took pictures, but I forgot the camera cable today. So more to follow.

A suggestion, please do not knit socks on dpns while driving, well I mean when you are at the red light.

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I pulled the 5th empty needle to start knitting while I was waiting at this one intersection that is the longest ever and I usually manage to knit a row or two, but to my horror I pulled the wrong needle sending 15 stitches dangling in the air which gave me a little jolt so that I dropped two needles and they fell, who knows where between the carseats. More than once did I want to bend down and peek where they could be, but no light turned red for the rest of the way. I had to drive all the way home before I could get down and look for these 2.5mm needles. And I found them.
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