Oh well...

All this negativity, moaning and whining on my part has to come to an end, so I thought, and after a long but actually really short weekend (long being the Saturday attending traffic school) I said to myself, I need to write down positive thoughts, count my blessings, take notes of good things that happened during the day, right? Ok, so I wanted to do that before going to sleep. I have a lot of notebooks and multiple pens that I can put on my nightstand and take these notes every evening. With this in mind and a smile I went into the bathroom for my nightly ritual. Well, what can I say. Something stunned me. I was looking at a black shirt that was hanging over the shower curtain rod (our make-shift clothesline) and it looked quite familiar, but still not the same as my favorite black shirt (which my mom had sent me just last month). It was covered with a lot of small white particles, actually it looked gray now. This was definitely not from a tissue left in a pocket, this was worse. I don't even remember washing this shirt. I took it off my 'clothesline' and walked back into the living room. Holding it up I asked my laundry challenged husband, what this was. Oh, I will get that all off for you when it is completely dry, don't worry. Then I vaguely remember watching him take out the light blue bath rug and putting it back into the second bath. Hmm, so he washed dark clothes with a light blue bath rug? Umm, yeah, well the shirt may have been in that load.... is his response. Thank you buddy. I had just worn this shirt over the weekend and I remember how I thought to myself, this is a nice shirt, I think I am going to wear it for a long time. Ok, well I hung it back up over the shower curtain rod to dry completely so it can be taken care of then. I walked to my side of the bed and not knowing what positive thing to write down I slipped under the covers instead, turned off the light and hoped to find a happy place somewhere.

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