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I am sure everyone has their own opinion on Michael Jackson. His passing is sad, but I do not think really unexpected.
As a teenager I listened to the Jackson 5 and always was a fan. In the late 80s Michael had a concert in Berlin. I worked at the hotel where he was staying at and witnessed the crazy fans outside screaming his name all day long. I left work around 5 pm and as an employee had to use the back entrance, designated for hotel employees. Usually they are located close to the delivery ramp and trash containers. And the sad thing is, that I saw Michael stand between two of the containers, taking a break, maybe trying to catch some fresh air (not really fresh among the fumes of kitchen trash) all by himself, smiling at me and giving me a shy wave. Since that day, I felt so sorry for him. He never had a real life. May he rest in peace.

Of course the news is all over Michael now (Farrah Fawcett barely mentioned) but nothing is said about the young people fighting for their freedom in Iran. Those kids, well educated and determined, should be seen as role models for our children (who have everything they want and have never had to fight for their freedom here), these kids are exemplar, not artists who overdose.
Sorry, just had to give my 2cents here.

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  1. I found his life sadder than his death. I hope his children fare better.

    Farrah Fawcett RIP.

  2. For some reason, I never expected him to live to a ripe old age . Despite all the fame, riches etc, he always seemed a tragic fiqure.Its also sad to see what a circus his passing has become .His father seems to be counting the cash he can make from him yet again.