Gloomy Skies

So many good days are also followed by some bad ones. This Saturday is going to be the not so good one as I have to go to traffic school. 8 hours of boredom. I took a right turn on red without stopping completely and got flashed. Yep, the picture is clearly me, and my husband was very kind enough to show me the video that clearly shows I did not stop at the light, maybe slowed down, yes, but no full stop. He had to show me several times too. Thank you I got it.
With the money for the ticket I could have done so many other things, I can't even list them all. A whopping $488 at this time is not what I needed right now.
I could have signed up for traffic school online, but unfortunately (here comes the other bad news) our computer at home is not working properly. I would not want to use a laptop as I may have to print out a result page. And I did not want to use the computer at work. So, the desktop, the only one connected to a printer, would have been the only option, but it does not work anymore. It's not that old, and it had been working in the morning, but in the afternoon, my somewhat computer challenged husband had to use it for whatever reason I don't know, as he has his own laptop (hand-me-down from son). I remember that he called me at the office that day asking me if he had to download some security updates that were showing up on the desktop. I just said, no, leave it, I will look at it later. Well, apparently he had already clicked through everything and now, we cannot open anything anymore. No internet access, nothing. The desktop comes up but no program will run. Our IT guy at work had given me some tips, the internet search has also been helpful, but the computer is not cooperating. Most of our pictures are on there, so I will get an external hard drive, which I should have done earlier as backup, and try to download stuff onto that. At this moment, I do not feel like even going near it.

Let's forget about that and go to more enjoyable things. My mother had sent some yarn along when my sister visited. First off this wonderful limegreen cotton yarn by Junghans. I have looked at "Hey Teach" in Knitty Summer '08 issue or the Sorelle Lace-edged Pullover on Ravelry. It is in the same color and looks like a great project, some lace, wonderful neckline and sleeves that would be perfect for a cool evening.
The other yarn is a sockyarn also by Junghans seems to be the main place my mom orders her yarn. I have started a sock cuff just to see how the patterns looks, nice color and just great for socks. After this picture I have undone it again, because I want to try a toe-up sock pattern. Just a thought.


  1. Sorry about the ticket , I know how that hurts the budget .

    The yarns are both very nice and I love your pattern choices . Have fun knitting , it's good therapy ...

  2. Thank you Frieda for your kind comment. Yes, knitting really is therapy..

  3. Aaargh! I hate that. What a waste of time and money.