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Shirt is clean. Lint roller did it.
Can you imagine how much yarn or accessories I could have gotten for the $488 traffic ticket? Or even better, an I-pod Touch? I am still so mad, but what can you do. Traffic School is behind me, and I survived the eight hours. I have got to say that the instructor, who says he has been doing this for 20 years (poor guy) was able to keep the class awake. His strategy was, comedy.... a good one, and talking so fast that you could not understand what he was saying, therefore you listened because you tried to figure out what he was saying. He was a Rodney Dangerfield in disguise. He spiked the topics with jokes, old Disney videos, jumped around in the front and every now and then bellowed as loud as he could, waking up that 19yr old who was slumped in his chair. He was the only one not paying attention, but then again, he was a returning student.

I have a lot of books to read. My mom sent a few along with my sister and I also found some in a thrift store for a quarter each. They were stacked on my nightstand (I should have put them right side up for the sake of the picture).
Two of them I have already read.
The Paper Moon - Inspector Montalbano solving crime in Sicily. I liked the book, a fast read, not too exciting of a plot but a nice suprising ending. If I find more Camilleris for 25cents, sure I will grab it. (oh, I already have another one Excursion to Tindari.
Next I read All He Ever Wanted a story which is told from the perspective of the husband who is obsessed with his wife, or let's say he loves her too much. She wants some personal space, which does not go well with him (sounds so familiar) and he uses the most unethical methods to win her back and also to gain a promotion. This all plays in the early 1900s, very different social ettiquettes at that time. Anyone who is an Anita Shreve, should definitely read this one too.
Next I will probably grab The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri. I have already read the Interpreter of Maladies which I enjoyed very much, so I am looking forward to this one, although I am going to read the German version (which my mom sent me) - would be strange to read a translation, I would prefer the English to give me the original tone.

My second day on eating less. I am now a little over 170 pounds, way too much, I am wearing size 14 which is getting tight and have a lot of size 12 outfits that don't fit. Have to get back to size 12, can't be that hard. No bread and no wine for a while. That sucks.

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  1. Looks like you have your summer reading all planned out . I 've read "The Namesake " and enjoyed it very much .

    Good luck with the eating less, better way to keep motivated than saying diet . Whenever I go on a "diet " I focus more on food and seem to be perpetually hungry . I've had more success just reducing my portions and making better choices. Still have a ways to go , though .