Defy the May Gray....

Starting with a bowl of juicy and sweet strawberries. This is what I love about May (except the weather).

I am really looking forward for this week to end. It has just started, but there will be so much to do at the office that I already know it will be over and Friday will be knocking and rocking. Visitors, birthday, vacation and fun is on the agenda. Yeah!
Of course this past weekend was spent with a lot of cleaning, more of a detailing especially in the bathrooms. And with shopping, got to stock up on wine and beer, some Smirnoff Ice and sodas. Chips and hummus were on sale, and I love these little mini pita breads, pitettes they are called. Great for appetizers. Birthday party also coming up so I need to bake my usual double-layer chocolate cake. Hope I can squeeze that all into this week.

The cooler weather during May Gray will not hold me back from gardening on my patio.
I found a great planter at HomeGoods that I just loved and had to take home. (Don't ever go into that store, it is dangerous.)
It's a 3-tier and great for my different mint plants. I now have a chocolate mint, mojito mint and a cinnamon mint. Found these fragrant plants at the farmer's market in Solana Beach last week. When I took the picture I still had the Dahlia in the middle, also one of my favorites. My grandmother used to have many colored dahlias in her garden.
I added more to my almost overcrowded patio.

A planter with chives, red basil, jalapeno, pimento and a marigold.

My rose container framed by two small evergreen trees, a cedar variety. I had bought these at Trader Joe's for Christmas and they have grown a lot. The roses are not doing as well, but I hope to get them back to blooming.
And some more pictures - a close up of the dahlia
And a colorful geranium.
Can't wait to sit outside with a glass of wine and enjoy my colorful favorite spot at home.

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  1. April is my favorite month of the year, because of the gardening. May is second. I've been working like a maniac in my garden, and it's finally ready for sun and fun!