Come and gone so fast...

Two hectic, yet wonderful weeks went by so fast. My sister flew in and out before I even had time to have sisterly talks with her. You know, the silly ones, where you laugh so hard you have to cross your legs.
My nephew had joined her on this trip and he is so funny and also made us laugh constantly. He is also very patient when the shopping list is out and the search for Revlon nail polish in 20 different shades is on, like Touch of Mauve, Cherry Berry or Berry Delicious. Where is my favorite polish color Toast of New York? they only have the lipstick shade. The moment I get used to something it is discontinued.
Yes we had fun and packed so much into these 10 days, it was incredible, I need a break.
BBQ on the patio , Margheritas on the counter. At friends' house and another day at ours.
Enjoying the Red Bull Air Races in San Diego - again all about sun, food and fun.

We had a small reunion of former students of our school. We got together in Irvine at the Caspian Restaurant and had a great time. Food was ok, service was better and very patient with our loud group.

After shopping a lot (here we are at the Irvine Spectrum Mall) and weighing the luggage, shuffling stuff around to keep to the limit, we went on the roadtrip to Vegas. Fun all the way. We did not win the jackpot, but had such a good time, it was a winner. I did not know that Jimmy Buffet had a concert that weekend. Margaritaville was packed on Saturday, just where we wanted to have dinner. And the fans are so much fun . Food was great and drinks were even better. I have not seen Vegas so crowded like this weekend. So many bridal showers, wow, very young brides too. and so many college girls, all balancing on their high heels and pulling down their micro-minis while walking down the strip from one hotel to the next, after having too much to drink. I don't even know if that is funny.
And now I am sitting in this freezing office, while the sun is out and the weather is great for a walk on the beach. Blaah. What do I wish for? That million that we never won or early retirement?

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  1. Anonymous8:53 AM

    So who else was at the reunion?
    Sorry I missed it.