I am so tired. Last week and these past two days have been crazy. I have either been in conference rooms all day or preparing for the meetings that I was attending. Long hours and no fun.
I especially cannot sleep well during these busy weeks. I tend to work things out in my sleep and I constantly wake up with trailing thoughts that I cannot shut off and then it is difficult to calm down again.
The other thing that bothers me at night is that my hands fall asleep even if I do not lie on them. I have tried many pillows to no pillow. Lying on my back with arms on my side or stretched over my head. It does not matter which way I place them. The moment I wake up, I have a numb and tingling/burning feeling in my hands that takes minutes to go away on its own. I have scheduled my physical and will bring that up definitely. Also have looked online, but it is difficult to describe and search. Sofar it could be caused by the beginning of carpal tunnel, pinched nerve in neck, sleeping on your side, etc. Seems that many people experience it. It is unpleasant, especially when the numbness does not wear off fast enough and I want to brush my teeth. Weird.
Menopause can also cause this weird sleeping pattern. Hot flashes have started, but are not annoying yet. They feel like the moment you realized you left your child behind at the gas station 30 miles ago (not that this has happened to us, but that would be exactly that hot flash I would be feeling).
Have a great night, I am on my way to pick up a Papa Johns Tax Special Pizza. No cooking tonight.

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  1. I had a similar problem with numbness/weakness in my hands and wrists. It went on for months and I consulted with my doctor and even got checked for rheumatoid arthritis. Then I went to a chiropractor for a different problem, and the very first adjustment completely fixed the problem with my hands. The nerves in your arms/hands (naturally) run through your spinal column, so pressure on the spine can affect the function of your hands. I've been seeing my chiropractor every week for almost three years now for unrelated issues, and I haven't had a problem with my hands or wrists since I started going.