Save a little here and there.....

Every time I see these tips on how to spend less and save more, of course I go ahead and read them. There are a few helpful links out there that I have bookmarked, like or
Every time I look for a good new hint I do not seem to find anything new. Usual suggestions are:
  • Reduce your Starbucks intake - yeah, I never go to Starbucks, I have my coffee at work for free. I just get a Latte when I have a gift certificate, usually around my birthday.
  • Use coupons - always
  • Reduce your cellphone bill by merging into a family plan. Always had a family plan and it seems that the four of us are paying about $50 each which includes unlimited texting and data. Sounds good and I do not think that an individual plan would cover that at this price.
  • Eat-out less - I bring my lunch to work and we may eat out once a month. How much less can that get?

And so on, I do my nails myself, I go to a hairdresser who charges little as she works out of her garage, seldom go shopping for clothes or shoes or yarn, never go to the movies and I do not mind or miss it. (I do wonder sometimes how other people can afford it - how much do they make?)
I am happy that we are able to pay our bills and our credit is good. But I still would really like to be able to save some on the side each month (for my cabin, you know).
Maybe I do need to find a second job. If I only wasn't so tired.

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