Nothing much to talk about

Uggh, the outlook reminder is popping up that the next meeting will start in half an hour. I am all set, so I thought I'd grab the time to blog a bit.
First of all, not much knitting going on. In my head, yes, I have lots of ideas, but with my hands, no, just too tired in the evenings. My Wabenschal is progressing slowly and I think it will look great after blocking, just don't know where I am going to block this.
Getting ready for visitors, my sister and her son are coming next week. Now, all this past year nothing has been going on, all was quiet and no one came to visit, and now it seems that everything is happening in this one week. Daughter's 22 birthday, Redbull AirRace, School Reunion and a trip to Vegas. Wow, I will need vacation after that to relax from this stress. But a good kind of fun stress. Yeah!
My tattoo is healing ok, I guess. the top layer is peeling, but that is supposed to happen. The bright color red is falling off, and a nice subtle red is underneath, which in the end I would prefer, as the red was too bright. I still love it, some at home do not, if you can guess who I mean...

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