Beginners welcome

Another co-worker has come up to me and asked me if I could teach her knitting. My very first group two years ago has dissolved due to lay-offs etc. Just last month I started teaching one of the ladies during lunch time. She is left handed but we ignored that fact. Because I thought that would not matter. Both hands are used in knitting and each hand does a different movement which everyone can learn. So it does not matter if you are left- or right handed. She has knitted about 8 inches on big needles but nevertheless she shows me the progress proudly.
While we were struggling to keep those stitches on the needle and the tension even, one of our younger coworkers saw us and came up with a big smile saying, oh I knit too, can you teach me more? Sure, any time. So I ran into her today and she asked again if I had time to teach her. She said, she knew how to use the crocket needle, but not the two sticks (exact words). Hey, any beginner is welcome, right?

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