Now I twitter too. How did it happen? First of all, I like to try out all the new apps. Then I was reading one of my 151 knittingblogs whose owner wrote about how much fun she was having with Twitter. Of course I had to try it out and soon found some friends to follow too. I think I prefer this to Facebook. It's a short statement, no need to reveal personal stuff, just a thought that comes up in a flash or sharing an interesting link. No pictures or games or gifts to hand out - like these virtual doodads that you send to friends or receive from them. I don't think I will be 'snowballed' or have to participate in the 20 question thingy here. I am following Ellen DeGeneris, Obama News, Jimmy Fallon, Rachel Maddow and a few knitters, besides some close friends who I have invited to join me. Maybe I will stick to this. You have to try everything out first and see which fits your personality. And most important of all, it should be fun.

I have bookmarked 151 knittingblogs on delicious so I can access them from any computer. And I have thus prevented to store anything on my hard drive at work. They just add up. I read one, who links to another with great pictures of a new project, yarn or helpful hints, so that one is bookmarked. and so on. They multiply mysteriously. Most important of all, it's fun.

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