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If anyone asks me 'So what have you been up to?' I usually respond with 'Not much', which actually is not true. I never remember all the things that I have done in a week, when asked.

Work has been tremendously busy as I have been given more and more responsibilities and projects (yeah, I hate to be bored). And I am proud of myself for accomplishing so much in little time. Unfortunately it also keeps me away from my blog and from reading others.

We went to see the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra playing scores of Beethoven here in San Diego. It was a great concert, I enjoyed it so much. And it was the first time that I visited the Copley Symphony Hall. Built in the late 1920s it still has preserved its original interior design through restoration and renovation. This venue creates a great atmosphere for a wonderful evening. After the concert we were wondering where we could go for a nightcap. We just could not come up with a place that would be open after 10pm (besides TGIF or some of the loud and crowded bars in the Gaslamp district which we did not feel like). It reminded us of going to a theater or concert in Berlin and stopping by a corner pub to have a drink and maybe a bistro-style snack before returning home. That made us feel a little homesick.
Probably a wine bar is the best place to go to as they usually do not close at 9pm. We still have to find that right spot to enjoy on a late night. I have actually spotted this place in RB. The Barrel Room. It looked very inviting and we will be sure to try it out sometime soon.

I finished the Drop Stitch scarf for my mom. This project was a joy to knit. The pattern was fun and engaging. Never really got bored with it although it was so simple. A great carry-along project. The yarn, Mirasol, Hacho, kept me entertained too as it was fun to watch the color variation in the waves that the pattern created. I know my mom will love this scarf and I am sure that it will keep her warm in the winter months next year.

Drop-Stitch Scarf for Mom
Yarn: Mirasol Yarn Hacho
Needle: US 8 / 5.0 mm
2 skeins = 274.0 yards (250.5m)

Next I have cast on the One-Row Scarf by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I am using my other Mirasol yarn,in this case Tupa. Very soft, lovely blue color and perfect for a scarf for my dad.

I have recently discovered Pandora Radio on-line. You enter your favorite artist and create like a radio station which will play music by that artist and similar ones. I entered Adele because I just love her since the first time I saw her perform on Jay Leno. Chasing Pavements of course being my favorite song. The channel has played a wonderful choice of songs by Adele, Amy Winehouse, Etta James, Norah Jones and Lauryn Hill. More are to come. Here is a link to my Pandora Station. Sign on and enjoy while you work.
I am sure that I am the last one to discover this and everyone else already has an account and over 50 stations saved.

So, it seems I really have been up to a few things since last time. Probably many more too, I just can't remember when asked. Not that anyone has asked me today.

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