Push me...

I am the NUMERO UNO procrastinator - in everything. Stuff at home and worst of all stuff at work.
There is this one on-going project that I just dislike. I have been pushing the paperwork from left to right, telling myself I will do it tomorrow, then pushed it out again another day. Dreading it. The paper pile continued to grow and I ignored it.
Today, I finally dropped all of it in front of me - this is it, you have to do it now or else ..... (or else what, really?...)
And then, comes that moment of realization that it was not that difficult to do at all! and I finished it in 30 minutes.
So why can't I just take care of things right then and there? Why do I push out filing until the pile is too high and topples over, or make that fricking phone call to complain about the charges on the invoice instead of carrying it around in my bag every day.
I just get so sick of myself sometimes.

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