Knitting for a living?

Knitting as popular as ever. On page 44 of the magazine 'Bon Appetit' they show the super-eco shopping bag, knit with 6-ply hemp yarn. Available on Etsy. I think that is so cool, I mean to be mentioning the knitting part in a food magazine. Wow, and the price for the bag is cool or maybe we should say hot - $75.
I need some extra income too. Knitting it is not. If you own the Yarn Harlot Page-A-Day calendar, page March 12th said something in that direction. Knitting was done to provide family with clothing.
My grandmother and mother used to knit socks out of every kind of yarn they could find during WW2. They even unraveled the lace kitchen curtains, so they would have socks and mittens to wear. My mom says she could still knit socks blindfolded, but she would never knit one again even if she had to. And that is exactly the point why knitting would not provide for a little extra income for me, because it would become a chore and I just like to knit when and whatever I feel like. And I only want to knit the project once. That's kind of why socks are not my favorite project.
Maybe I should start selling fairy dust.


Over the weekend I had finished my dad's one-row scarf and it turned out beautifully. The Mirasol/Tupa yarn was a pleasure to knit, the scarf feels soft, yet it still has a heaviness to it, so it will drape closely around the neck and keep the owner warm. My dad needs that as they live in a region in Germany where the snow does not melt before April/May.

Then I could not wait to start a new project. Last night I fiddled around with the the Prism/Saki yarn that I had bought during my New York trip. I decided to knit the Wabenschal by Birgit Freyer with the blue colorway of which I only have one skein, 440yards.
I started making swatches with different needle sizes, starting out with 3mm and finally 5mm. In the end I chose 4mm and I cast on the scarf today at lunch. I love the color of the yarn. The blues run into purple and green in a whimsical way and it is just perfect for a shawl or scarf. The pattern's width runs five diamond shapes across, actually Wabe means honeycomb. I might add two more, making it seven. I'll see when I get there.

And by the way, my new dream is, buying a mountain cabin and making fairy gardens. I will knit scarves for them when it gets cold in the winter.


  1. Knitting for myself, family or friends gives me pleasure . Knitting for pay would quickly become a chore , plus people don't really want to pay the price you'd have to ask to make it worthwhile.

    I never seem to get itred of sock knitting , could be because I don't HAVE to knit them , like your mother and grandmother . Sweaters and larger projects are the sorts of things I don't like to do , too much time involved . I'm an instant gratification kinda gal I guess or easily bored , take your pick ;-)

  2. Hi Frieda,
    I was actually thinking about that yesterday. what are my favorite knitting projects?. I don't like socks, or anything in pairs, and I do not like sweaters either, because they never turn out perfectly or fit nicely. At least I am never satisfied with the results. Which does not mean I do not knit any of these, but they do not give me the kind of gratification that I get out of a shawl or scarf, any rectangles in lace patterns.