I did it

Talking about procrastination yesterday....
A broken laptop was on my dresser for six months. I could not find the receipt, or warranty or anything. It was my daughter's who does not remember why her screen suddenly got cloudy and then turned black. (Maybe you dropped it or you may have sat on it because it was under a pile of stuff in your room?...).
We had bought it at CompUSA which has closed down in the meantime and even calling their customer service number did not help much. No serial number listed in their system, they said. So it kept on sitting there and bugging me. It still is a good laptop, so I googled 'replace Acer lcd screen' and found this great site that shows you step by step how to open up the monitor and unscrew the screen, look for the model number and order a replacement on eBay. Which I did, I found a new screen for $77, it came within 3 days and last night I re-installed it, turned on the laptop and it worked! I fixed it. for under 100 dollars! yeah! Happy dance! Like Snoopy!

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  1. Oh, that is awesome!

    I recently fixed my dvd-rom drive through similar online sleuthing methods. I was very proud.