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can't wait to get home and get started on some serious clean up in the bedroom. I have been pushing this out since ages. Mentioned it before but have never done it. Now I am determined and will start, nothing can stop me. Have you watched Clean House. Sometimes I think that is what my bedroom looks like.
Ooops, reminds me to take my labelmaker home with me today. I want to gather all the cables and chargers that are lying around and label them. Is it possible that we have so many electronic gadgets and some are never used or outdated? This needs to get sorted out and the old ones have to be recycled. There is a company that buys back your old electronics - I am sure that we could unload a lot of our stuff with them.
What do I do with all these vases and trays that are in the bedroom, either under the bed or in a closet which I could make better use of, like a linen closet, maybe?
Most of these items are too good to be thrown away, some of them were gifts that I would like to keep but never use. I never entertain, so I do not need the trays, I do not get any flowers, and I really do not like cut flowers, as I am too lazy to take care of them, you know, change the water regularly or they start to wilt and the water starts to smell really bad.... (I prefer plants in pots)
I know the moment I give these items away, I will need them. It always happens.
I will report on what I was able to accomplish on a rainy weekend.

Oh, and I sent off the finished project to my friend, will post it after she receives it.

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