Last chance

One World One Heart
Today is the last day to enter the OWOH contest on my blog. I will close comments this evening and will draw the winner tonight too.

Last chance for my give-away - your choice of one of these awesome tile stencils from Home Art & Fun.

Back to our regular programming:

No, I did not do any of the things planned at home over the last rainy weekend. And if I ask myself now, what did I do instead, I do not even remember. Errands, grocery shopping, I bought a pair of pants at Marshalls, oh, and I went to a "Kaffeeklatsch" - with four ex-coworkers of mine. We get together every few months and have a lot to talk about. It is fun, as we also try to do our crafts. Two of us (Germans) usually knit, one Finnish gal watches and the host of this week (US), she does these amazing gourd drums, I think are also called 'shekeres', she is so talented. And she bakes great cakes and pastries too. We always enjoy when she hosts.

That was pretty much my weekend, hey there will be more to come to get all the other stuff done. Like this weekend is a 3-day. I can already see myself on the couch with my knitting, two dogs sharing the quiet time, one at my feet and one curled up next to me like a kitten. So sweet. Of course only, after I have decluttered stuff in the bedroom. This should be my incentive. Clean first, then seek needles, drop on couch....

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