Hey, I never thought I'd get so many visitors. 117 at this moment. That's a big deal for me as I was not expecting so many participants checking out all the blogs. I wish I had more time to browse through all of them myself.
And they all love the stencil designs from Home Art & Fun that I have chosen as my give-away.
So sign up here for a chance to win that stencil and then check out the blog event at One World One Heart.

So February is here now and the good news is still rolling in. Another friend finally got hired, which makes me so happy for her.
I lost a few pounds which I noticed when those Size 12 pants fit again (oops I typed Size 2, now that would be a dream).
My knitting is progressing slowly and I almost finished one of the projects, almost. I am still saying 2009 is going to be the year.

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