Two new projects

This is going to be a nice and relaxing week. The man of the house has gone up to the Bay Area for a week and it is a girl's time off. By time off, I mean, I will not cook, I can be on the laptop at home and do my stuff, I can read while I eat or in bed as long as I want to, I can watch girlie movies on Lifetime and cry and not care that the news is running on the other channel (which could make anyone cry), I can lie diagonally on a king size bed (if the dogs allow....) and I can wear PJs all the time (except at work of course).

January has never been my favorite month. It's seems too long, the days are too short, you ran out of money and it takes ages to get the next paycheck, it's usually cold and rainy (though not in San Diego this year, it's going to be in the 80s all week). This year I seem to ignore the boring month. I am too busy at work and I have a few knitting projects lined up at home. Currently, the Ruffle Fluff Scarf by Amy Swenson - this will be one of my thank you gifts to my friend in New York. I am using the Kid Merino by Crystal Palace Yarns which is in a rich brown color.

The second project that I started on my trip on two circular needles are the Hedgerow Socks by Jane Cochran. They were reviewed on Knitter's Review and I liked the description of hand-dyed yarns and this pattern, especially how the pattern continued onto the heel flap. My own dyed yarn, the Tumeric sock yarn, is perfect for this.

Here I must confess that I have unraveled the Swallowtail Shawl, the hand-dyed sockyarn was not the best choice for this. I will find better yarn and try again as I liked this pattern too.

Anyway, the socks have not progressed very far, about 3 inches - and now that I am at home, I have moved them back on dpns as this is more comfortable for me and seems to work faster. Don't know who will be wearing them when done. I guess ME...

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  1. I recently frogged my Swallowtail as well. My handspun wasn't great for it, either.

    Enjoy your girl-time. My husband used to travel a lot on business, and although I adore him, I miss those mini-vacations. (We both work at home, and have kids, so I never, ever get any alone time.)