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Yes, it was so nice to spend lazy evenings at home alone. Just as you say Yarnhog, it is good to have some me-time once in a while.
I could have started some of the home projects, but no I was too lazy. There is nothing better than collapsing on the couch and not worry about dinner or dishes. Yeah.
Anyway, I had a list of things I wanted to get done over the holiday week. The kitchen is organized and I am happy with the flow. The storage unit on our patio is done, my walk-in closet is roomier after three large bags have been taken to Goodwill. So now I just needed to get some de-cluttering done in the bedroom. But I had a real difficult time in choosing either the trip to NYC or a clean bedroom? Well, I chose the trip. Now I have to find the time on the weekends and get under the bed to see what is stored there. Have not used anything in more than 3 years, so I guess I don't need it. Also the dresser drawers are so stuffed with stuff, I can't find my black bra anywhere. And I have not seen the top of my dresser empty for a long time. Somewhere are my little favorite earrings among the piles of papers waiting to be filed. yeah, well... not today.

I have been catching up on other blogs during this work week (yeah, shhh....). There was one interesting entry by Utopia on the issue of fixation with strangers. It is interesting on how you can stalk people on the internet without them even knowing really. Facebook, blogs all let you follow their daily life anonymously. Of course I can track visitors on my blog but I do not know who they really are until someone leaves a comment. If I find an interesting blog entry anywhere, I always read the comments and also leave one myself as in this case.
I also wonder about strangers who I see often at the Vons store or in front of Starbucks, our neighbors, etc. and I have my theories and make up my own stories about their strange behaviors and habits. I also wonder how other people see our family. This is different than being worried what other people think about us, I couldn't care less about that. I would like to know if others see us as weird, disfunctional, or do people wonder why we have so many pets, or why we are so loud (when we talk in farsi we tend to have louder voices and talk faster).
The internet does have its advantages. My cousin in Berlin contacted me through my Facebook account which is in my real name and I was happy to hook up with him again after 15 years.
At home we also use SKYPE as longdistance phone with my family in Germany and also many friends in Europe. It is fun and also helpful. One of our friends in Berlin cleaned up our laptop remotely, isn't that cool.
And now time to collapse onto the couch again. Actually, I should sit outside on the patio and enjoy the great weather.
Oh, I just ordered a thank you gift for my friend in NYC. It's an electric fondue set, so she can enjoy more cheese fondues with friends. She just loves cheese fondues and we had such a great evening (even without the fondue pot) together.

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  1. Susanne I wanted to thank you for your encouragement. xoxo