It's a good month

Nope, did not knit a stitch in days now. I've just been too busy at work and then too tired in the evenings.
January is coming to an end, the month that no one seems to like too much. I have to say, however, that the year has started off on a many good notes, just as I had hoped.

Since my New Year's trip I have actually been in a great mood. This is good, as it has been a rollercoaster ride for a while now. This may not be only due to the short surprise vacation, but also probably thanks to some changes at the office which have affected my scope of work in a positive way. I am busy with many more interesting projects than before and going to work is more enjoyable, if you can ever call it that. The company seems stable (knock on wood) and we are all grateful for having a job.
I am also so happy to say that my best friend just got hired at a local school district as a spec. ed. teacher. Congrats to her, she deserves it, as she has been working so hard to get her degree. It's not easy to decide to change your profession after working many years in another industry.
And to those who are still looking for a job, I cross my fingers that they will find one soon.

My sister told me that she is planning on visiting us this year. That is great news and I am already so excited and starting to plan fun things to do with her. I am not much into shopping, so she can do that part with her niece while I am at work as I don't have that much vacation left.
One of the ideas that I have, is to plan a So-Cal DST (former German School in Tehran) reunion dinner while she is here. There are many former students from our school in California and I will send out a message through the Facebook Group page and see how many will be able to attend.

So many good things are happening, and not to forget the One World One Heart event where you can sign up for some blogger fun.
I just knew it is going to be a good year.

Hey, in regard to the One World One Heart event, I just wanted to say that I have received 82 comments. Woohoo! Maybe I will make it to 100, that would be great.
In the meantime I am approaching this very systematically. I am entering every commentator into an excel sheet: number, name, website, email, comments. For the record, #42 will be removed from the list as there is no info whatsoever left by the commentator. No name, email or blog/website. Too bad.
On February 11th, comments will close at 11.00pm PST. And on the 12th I will choose a number by using a random number picker. Yeah, I am having so much fun, browsing through the other blogs and leaving comments here and there.

(Oh, and I am not going to overdo it with the yipees and woohoos, as it seems to be jinxed. Meaning that as soon as things are running smoothly, you just miss a step and don't seem to pay attention to detail and 'Bam' you get slammed by something.... yep, there is a damper to put on to all this fun, I know, but I will keep one eye open, trust me)

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