I love pears

Just to summarize, I had a great time in New York. This was one of the first New Year's Eves that I was awake beyond midnight and not sick in a long time. The previous two years we all got hit bad by the flu and it seems like I have slept through most of them. The last time we had fun and partied was the year 2000 when we still lived up in the Bay Area and we owned a restaurant. That year, we started celebrating at the restaurant at 3pm pacific time which was midnight in Berlin and they showed the fireworks over the 'Brandenburger Tor' live on TV. We just about had to lift our glasses with every time zone. So we were pretty happy by the time all our friends and guests arrived at the restaurant and we sure partied till we dropped. (a good thing we were closed next day).
This year it was just me and my friend toasting to each other and hoping for a great new year, with a job for her and peace for all. We were at the Atlantic Grill on 3rd and 77th Upper East Side and we had 4 Ruby Foos (Martini Cocktail), a lobster bisque soup, a spinach salad with caramelized pecans and pears, two filet mignon steaks and for dessert we both chose the caramalized pear mousse and vanilla ice cream. Oh, all was so good.

I bought a Haagen Dasz pear ice cream which is to die for, but I could not find it at all stores. Worth picking up when spotted.

It was fun to blog via cell phone. I wasn't sure if the entries would look good, but they did. Now I can do that more often, even the picture I took came out great.

So it's going to be happy blogging.

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