Good catch

I have happily laid down my catch like a fisherman after his early morning outing - with a dog looking on.

From left to right:
Prism - Saki - Yosemite
Prism - Saki - Alpine
Mirasol - Tupa
Mirasol - Hacho

Happy as can be. And because my friend took the bus with me from Upper East Side to Upper West Side, and climbed some really narrow steep steps to the first floor of this old building where The Yarn Company was located, I will knit her something with any of these of her choice. After asking her what she would like to have, maybe socks or gloves or a scarf, in the freezing winter months in NYC, she said she would only like to keep her neck and chest warm. So either a scarf or a cowl it is. I have already started to look up some patterns on Ravelry to get an idea. I like the idea of a moebius cowl. There is one by Cat Bordhi.

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