Upside Down Turkey

How can 4 days go by so fast? It is so rare to have a holiday off and now it's gone and we are back at work. Which by the way is picking up here and not as boring as it used to be. Change of Executives and suddenly I am a "hot" item - in a different way...
I was finally able to post the photos in the previous entry. I should file a complaint with my new boss, that I really do need some time to update my blog and read my blog list too. There is never time in the evenings at home, here is where I do my personal correspondence.

We had a nice Thanksgiving over at family with friends and all the dressings and trimmings that go with a turkey - which by the way was cooked by a friend and he had placed it upside down on the rack. It was already my drama when I heard that this particular friend was going to make the turkey. I was like, what??!!! are you kidding me, he is making the turkey? he does not know how. Well, this will be a great Thanksgiving....thank you. And when did you tell them all to come? At 1.30 pm? I am not even dressed by then! Well, this is going to be a great Thanksgiving, thank you.
In the end, they all came late and I was dressed. The turkey turned out to be really good, maybe because the juices had flown into the breast, so to speak. I got to make my mashed potatoes and we were all happy and sleepy.
Someone had brought a DVD to watch after dinner "Crank" - action movie for the guys. Well, let me tell you, the guys did not like it either. It was bad. Do not rent it.

It was nice to see friends, especially the Knitmore Girls. Hi Girls, yes, I will think about joining you at Stitches in February. And I definitely need to catch up on the podcasts. Please tell my boss.

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